Welcome to your CΘllege EΧperience.


Hey #SFA23! So you want to be a Theta Chi?

The first step to membership in Theta Chi is attending Rush Week. During this week, we will hold several social and athletic events for potential members like yourself.

Socialize and eat some BBQ with the brothers one day, the next day play some flag football or ultimate frisbee. We also have game nights, capture the flag, dodgeball, and more!

It is important to meet as many brothers as possible during Rush Week, so have fun with it!

Fall 2019 Rush

The next step is to obtain and accept a bid. From there, you will go through Steps, where you will make your final choice on which fraternity you will be pledging. All IFC fraternities at SFA have Steps at William R. Johnson Coliseum on the SFA campus at the end of Rush Week.

Fall 2019 Steps proved to be a huge success for Epsilon Tau, as we fielded the largest new member class across all IFC chapters with 18 new members going through Steps to embark on their journey to becoming Resolute Men!

Are you next?

Fall 2019 Steps Day

Ready for Rush?

So are we. More info will be posted as the Spring 2020 semester begins and IFC provides dates for registration and recruitment.

From there, we will release our rush schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email via the "Contact Us" page on the top or DM our Twitter (twitter.com/SFAThetaChi).

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