Welcome to your CΘllege EΧperience.

Mom and Dad,

What you need to know when your son wants to join Theta Chi Fraternity:

I bet when your son called you and said “I’m thinking about joining a fraternity” your first thought was of stereotypical movies and drunken foolishness. Your immediate reaction may have been one of shock, concern and uncertainty. This page is here to put any concerns you may have to rest! Browse through our frequently asked questions below.

So, where is the room with the paddles? Are you going to haze my son?

At the Theta Chi Estate, there is no paddle room, and there never will be. We adhere to a strict no-hazing policy and take it VERY seriously. From the moment your son decides to accept our bid, he can expect to be treated with the respect and dignity that all Brothers of Theta Chi deserve. At no point will he be put in any physical or mental harm. Now, we’re not saying our new member process is easy. It will be a challenging 8 weeks in which your son will learn our history, ideals, and goals and have a chance to prove to us that he is a true gentleman that is worthy of being a part of our beloved Fraternity.

Am I going to have to rob a bank to afford this?

Well, there are many different ways to make money, but we wouldn’t suggest robbing a bank. When financial questions come up, I always have the same answer; “every dollar you spend comes back to you in the end.”  Our brotherhood is very strong, but without the business side of the fraternity we would not be able to do all the great things we do, from social events to community service. We have remained one of the most cost effective on-campus fraternities and even have payment plans that are designed to alleviate the financial strain that each brother may feel at the beginning of the semester by breaking down the total cost per semester into several spaced out payments. We recognize that money is tight - especially for college students - so we ensure that every dollar is spent wisely and with the fraternity’s best interest in mind.

All fraternity men do is party, right?

Wrong. Our chapter has always preached an early and firm understanding of time management skills and a well balanced lifestyle. Our Fraternity Maxim is “Alma Mater first, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater.”  We recognize that without SFA, we wouldn’t exist. Our average term GPA is always near the top (if not on the top) of the ranks as compared to other fraternities. Also, our brothers are encouraged to be a part of other on-campus organizations. We have brothers involved with Jack Camp, Orientation, Purple Haze Assoc., and several other academic fraternities and organizations. We have also had brothers graduate Order of Omega, the highest academic honor a member of the Greek community can achieve at Stephen F. Austin State University.

On top of that, our fraternity gives back to the community in many ways. Our Fraternity Motto is "An Assisting Hand." We are involved in several philanthropic events each academic year, highlighted by our "Give Back Week." And of course, after we have done all our work, we supply plenty of opportunity to have some fun and de-stress! Our calendar is filled with social events with sororities and many brotherhood events. Needless to say, your son’s college experience will be very busy, yet fulfilling. After all, balancing school, work, community service, and a social life takes a lot of work but we know that it will build a better, more well rounded man.

Aren’t fraternity rituals creepy and cult-like?

You’ve been watching too many Lifetime movies. Our ritual is what sets us apart from clubs. It’s the common ground that we share with thousands of brothers since 1856 that binds us together, even if we’ve never met. Just like in our new member process, our ritual requires nothing that isn’t becoming of a self respecting, upstanding gentleman. There is no degradation... and NO PADDLES! We even invite parents and family to join us for the first ceremony that your son will go through in Theta Chi, the New Member Ceremony. It will give you a glimpse into how much we respect our ritual, and our brothers and new members.

Hopefully this has put some concerns to bed. If you’re still unsure about the whole situation, please feel free to send an email to the President using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

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