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Recognizing Alumni Generosity:

True Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment

The Epsilon Tau Chapter has enjoyed tremendous success at Stephen F. Austin, spanning over five decades. There's no possible way to properly acknowledge all those who have contributed financially to the chapter since our founding in 1961.

This page recognizes those alumni who have given towards the Epsilon Tau Housing Corporation. There are, without a doubt, countless Brothers who have supported the chapter's many other endeavors throughout the years. Moving forward, this page will update with all donations to the active chapter, unless the donor requests to remain anonymous.

"The Founder's Club" ($1,000+)

Joel R. Woodley (Spring 1969)

John Mathews (Fall 1974)

Paul "Pablo" Sumrow (Fall 1979)

Wade Jones (Fall 1980)

John Ward (Spring 1970)

Vince Beard (Spring 1993)

Erick Jenkins (Fall 2008)

George Reese (Spring 1973)

John Dunagan (Fall 1971)

*** In Memory of Brother Jason Ward (Spring 1994)

Lyn Stevens (Spring 1973)

Mark Wood (Fall 1973)

Mike Walton (Fall 1978)

Alan Deyoung (Spring 1977)

Pat Harrison (Fall 1978)

James Ward (Fall 2000)

Jeff Smithers (Ark.Tech - Spring 1979)

Kyle Lumpkin (Spring 1973)

Rick Skillern (Spring 1973)

Philip "The General" Barefield (Fall 1979)

Brad Peterson (Fall 1996)

*** In Memory of Brother Dick Goodman (Fall 1971)

"The Norwich Club" ($500-$1,000)

Dan Kruger (Spring 1978)

Brice Rodrigues (Fall 2008)

Brad Streit (Fall 1975)

"The Badge Club" ($200-$500)

Michael Dawes (Spring 1988)

Mark Mahaffey (Spring 1969)

Greg Harness (Fall 1969)

Art Newell (Fall 1987)

James Miller III (Spring 2009)

Linden Byrd (Spring 1989)

"The Creed Club" ($100-$200)

Jerry Bristow (Fall 1973)

Jorge Luna (Fall 1987)

Jeff Duffy (Fall 1978)

Gary Holverson (Fall 1988)

The chapter would like to specifically recognize the following Alumnus Brothers for their contribution of considerable personal time, energy and sweat equity for the sake of the Fraternity.

These Brothers have gone far beyond the basic expectations of an alum, and are worthy examples of what it means to "Extend the assisting hand":

John Ward (Spring 1970)

George Reese (Spring 1973)

Gary Holverson (Fall 1988)

Vince Beard (Spring 1993)

James Jenkins (Spring 2009)

Noel Johnson (Fall 1993)

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